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Banner Ads or Sponsor Ads

Banner ads are image ads that display at the right side and bottom of our web pages. It does not have any target, unique views or click limits. They are day based ads, ads will run our website till your validity expires.

Decent and Genuine Traffic

Have you been in search of a reliable way to drive decent traffic to your website without having to wait for the search engines to list your website in the search results? Fighting the online competition and getting listed in top search results is certainly beyond the reach of most of the small and medium sized players. Do not worry; we have the best solutions to promote your website online.

Uniqueness of Banner or Image Ads

Banner ads continue to be one of the most powerful ways of attracting customers to promote your website. Even though many new advertising strategies and techniques have emerged on the web, Banner ads are still used by all the top brands. As Banners look colorful with images they are more attractive than text ads, they are more clickable. More clicks can get you lot of visitors.

High Traffic Ad Network

If you want your investment on banner advertising work for you and increase website traffic, then it is important that you choose the right networks to display your banners. The ultimate success of your ads will depend on the quality of the network you choose. This is where Clicxa place a crucial role. We will display your ads in our own network which attracts hundreds of visitors daily. Choose banner ads today and increase your brand visibility right away. It is enough trailing behind the competition. Our effective advertising plans will take your website to the next level.

Cheap and Cost effective Ad Packages

We have multiple banner ad packages that you could consider for promoting your brand online. All our packages here have only daily limits. There is no sealing on the number of clicks and visits. We have packages starting from one-day plans to 30-day plans. Our banner ad advertising solutions could be used as one of the best support strategies for branding purposes. The banners placed in our website will work round the clock in sending visitors. You will get excellent value for your money regardless of the package that you choose .

Get Started Simply and Securely

STANDARD SIZE : 468x60, 250x250. Banner ad campaigns in our website will drive real visitors to your website. You can choose between two standard banner sizes depending on the ad location in our web pages.
Setup your banner ad campaigns in just minutes. Promote as many links as you need by running multiple ads at the same time. If you have been struggling to drive continuous traffic to your website then you will get what you are looking for here.
The effectiveness of our strategies has been proven beyond doubt. Create a campaign now to improve your brand visibility using our dependable solutions.

Day Package

The campaign will run for the number of days you purchase. You do not need to pay anything extra for clicks.

   Days Prices No. of visitors
1 Day Rs.200/- No limit
2 Days Rs.400/- No limit
3 Days Rs.500/- No limit
5 Days Rs.850/- No limit
7 Days Rs.1200/- No limit
15 Days Rs.2300/- No limit
30 Days Rs.4000/- No limit

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of websites can benefit from your banner ad campaigns?

All types of websites can opt for our banner ads service and start attracting traffic. You will get a steady stream of visitors to your website.

How to setup the banner ads campaign?

We keep things simple at Clicxa. After signing into your account, go to create a campaign page, Provide the basic information required to launch the campaign. Choose the ad position and the respective banner size, share the URL for your website, upload your banner image, make the payment and you are all done. Setting up of the ad campaign should not take more than few minutes.

Do you guarantee real human visits to my website?

Yes, all our advertising plans including the banner ad campaigns guarantee real human visitors. You need not have to worry about fake visitors when you choose our service. We are a highly reputed provider in the industry and we will not do anything that will undermine our reputation.

How much does your banner ads service cost me?

We have priced our banner ads service very reasonably. We have ensured that our customers get the best value for money irrespective of the package that they choose.

Is it possible to run keyword targeted banner ad campaigns?

As far as banner ad campaigns are concerned, they do not come with ad targeting features. You purchase the space for a specified period for which you have purchased the ad space. The ads will send general traffic to your website, which will give your brand extended visibility.

Is it a safe method to drive traffic to my website or will my Google ranking be affected in any way?

Our banner ads service is absolutely safe. It does not interfere with your SEO or with Google ranking in any way. You can therefore safely set up the campaigns.

Do I get back links from the banner ads service?

Our banner ads campaigns are not about link building. The purpose of these campaigns is to increase your brand visibility by featuring the banners in pages with high traffic. We will feature your banners in our own web pages in strategic positions to give your website excellent visibility.

Do I need to sign up for any long-term contracts?

There is no need to sign up for any long term contract. We have even daily packages. You can pick and choose the days you want to run your campaigns. There are multiple plans to suit your specific needs.

How to submit the banner images for the campaigns?

You can either provide us with the image URL where the image is featured or you can upload the banner image to our server. While signing up choose the right image source. If you are uploading images, we accept JPG, GIF and PNG formats. The images should match one of the two standard sizes based on the ad position.