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Lucky Clicxa grid is a game, where our website visitors will earn from Rs.0.10 to Rs.500 per view. Users will click on the grid to view ads, Your ads will display every time when someone clicks on the grid. This advertisement do not have any target. It has only day limits no click limits.

Clicxa Grid Ads

When it comes to fighting the competition online, you need to be creative and make use of as many strategies as possible because the competition level in every niche is very stiff. You will be able to survive the competition when you are ready to explore new avenues of advertising. Clicxa offers a very interesting advertising option for business owner who have websites through its Grid Ads. You can now attract thousands of visitors to your websites by purchasing one of the Grid Ads packages at Clicxa. Increasing the overall exposure of your website to a large mass will make your brand popular and familiar to your customers.

Innovative and Effective Website Traffic

Grid Ads is an innovative approach to marketing your website. You can now get website visits from thousands of visitors from the grid. Lucky Clicxa Grid is presented to our members as a game and each time they click on the grid, our advertisers’ ads will be randomly displayed. Members are incentivized for viewing the ads from our advertisers and they earn anywhere from Rs.0.10 to Rs.500. This ensures that your website continually gets visitors who will view your website for at least 15 seconds. You will therefore not have to worry about wasting your ad budget.

Cheap Online Advertising

When choosing an advertising company, every single visitor for website counts. What is even more important is that you get the maximum mileage for your investment. On the one hand you need to look for cheap online advertising programs but on the other hand, you need to be careful about choosing the most effective advertising solutions if not you will not only be losing your money but you will also be wasting your precious online time. To save you from such risks Clicxa brings you highly result oriented cheap online advertising solutions and our Grid Ads is certainly on such solutions, which puts your website before thousands of visitors.

Genuine Visitors

Clicxa has a highly resourceful database of members who will be part of the campaign. In other words, the hits or the visits that you get are not just some automated bots but real human visitors. Signup for one of the cost effective advertising plans here and let your website’s traffic rate increase overnight. You need not have to depend on search engine ranking any longer to attract visitors. Our system works best for all types of websites. This is a safe and reliable way to attract traffic to your website.
Go ahead, signup for grid ads now and start driving visitors to your ad campaigns.

Clicxa Grid Day-wise Packages

The campaign will be displayed for the number of days you have purchased the campaign. Same user is allowed to visit your website more than once. You do not need to pay anything extra for clicks.

   Days Prices No. of visitors
1 Day Rs.100/- Unlimited visits
2 Days Rs.200/- Unlimited visits
3 Days Rs.300/- Unlimited visits
7 Days Rs.500/- Unlimited visits
15 Days Rs.1000/- Unlimited visits
30 Days Rs.1800/- Unlimited visits

Frequently Asked Questions

How is your grid ad service priced?

We have multiple packages to suit the diverse needs of the customers. The packages are day-based. You can sign up for a single day or for an entire month. Review our grid ads price packages to learn more about the pricing structure.

Will my website get real human visitors?

Yes, when you signup for grid ads or for any other advertising plans at Clicxa you can be sure of getting real human traffic. We assure you steady stream of visitors to your website with our grid ads plans. The visitors to your website are incentivized by Clicxa to visit your website. You will therefore get assured traffic.

What is the minimum period of contract for your grid ads service?

No need to worry about long term contracts. You can start or stop your campaign any time you like. We have daily plans, weekly plans and monthly plans.

How to go about signing up for the grid ads?

Signup for an advertiser account at Clicxa. Log into your account to choose the required service. You will be guided through the campaign setup process. Just fill the simple online form to get started. Setting up your campaigns will take just a few simple clicks.

Will I be getting unique visitors?

As you pay only for days and not for clicks in this ad method, you do not need to worry about unique visitors. In this advertising method, there is no visitor limit, you may get repeated visits from the same visitor but we ensure that you get lots of visitors most of them are unique. As this is an exciting game, you will be getting more and more visitors, more the views you get more chances for your sales or leads. Not to forget, this is the cheapest advertising method in Clicxa.

Is there any cap on the maximum number of visitors that come to my website?

No, the grid ads are only day limits and the number of clicks are not tracked.

What kind of assurances do you give for your service?

You will get the best value for your money as you will not only unlimited visitors but each package is value packed. Our grid ads work the best for your website regardless of the niche industry.

How do I get in touch with your support team?

You can easily get in touch with our support team by logging into your advertising account. You can also register your support tickets by clicking the Support link. We strive to resolve all the support queries in 24 hours. We give top priority to customer satisfaction.

Can I run multiple grid ad campaigns simultaneously?

Yes, you can run as many campaigns as you wish targeting one URL per campaign. You can target multiple pages, products or services and get the best results.