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Get as many Likes / Fans you would like to add. All genuine and real users. Target Likes by city, state, gender or age. Clicxa will help you adding likes to your Facebook pages from real human visitors. Facebook as a social media platform has taken the world by storm. Everyday millions of people visit Facebook and all the top brands have realized the importance of Facebook marketing. Irrespective of whether you are a small, medium or large organization, you can give an additional boost to your brand visibility by promoting it in Facebook. One of the key factors of Facebook success is the likes that your brand page gets in this social media platform.

Increase Facebook Likes

As a business owner you might wonder why should one buy Facebook likes and how it is important to your brand. You should know that just by creating a Facebook page, you would not get the visibility that you like or deserve. People have to know about your Facebook page before your brand could gain visibility. Facebook likes plays an important role in increasing the brand visibility. Increase Facebook fans and increase your visibility. Our Facebook likes service will help you get hundreds of fans for your page within a short time.

Why should you promote your Facebook Page?

Facebook has a very advanced algorithm, which helps the users see posts, and pages that are aligned with their interests. When more people like your page then it will increase the reach of your Facebook page because it will be listed in so many people’s timeline. Your brand reach rate will increase exponentially. Without our Facebook likes packages your page will take a long time to achieve the same level of visibility meanwhile your competitors will take over you. Choose our packages today and take your brand to thousands of people across Facebook.

Target Your Fans by Gender, Age or Location

We help you achieve your business objectives faster with our Facebook likes India targeting system. You can target Indian users based on the state or city. Added to that you can target any specific age group of your choice or the gender of the users. As opposed to getting likes from general audience, getting likes from specific or targeted group will prove to be highly beneficial to your brand because the conversion rates will be much higher. In other words you get the best value for your money when you attract targeted visitors and likes to your Facebook page.

Value Packed Facebook Likes Plans

One of the reasons why our customers love our Facebook likes plans is that all these plans are value packed. You will be able to get hundreds of likes to your pages for a very low price. When we say that our plans are priced low most customers immediately have suspicions on the nature of the likes that they receive because of the past bitter experiences that they may have had with other providers in the industry, which we cannot deny. However, we can speak only for ourselves and assure you likes from genuine human visitors.

The Safest Facebook Likes Plans

No social media platform likes to be manipulated and Facebook is no exception, if they notice any suspicious activity pertaining to your account then the account will be blocked. Clicxa saves you from all such risks. We ensure that your Facebook page is safe by sending genuine users to like your page. We do not use any fictitious software programs to manipulate the likes count. Every single like to your Facebook page will be from a genuine user. We have a huge database of users and your Facebook page will be promoted among those registered users who are all active, real Facebook users. You just do not have to worry about the safety of your Facebook page when you are dealing with Clicxa. We have got your interests covered.

Easy To Manage Facebook Likes Campaigns

You will find our system very user friendly. You will be able to track your Campaign progress Live, Likes generated will be updated instantly in your account. Whether it is setting up of a new campaign, stalling a campaign that you have started or starting a campaign that you have stalled, everything is easy. You will be able to accomplish all these tasks from your advertiser interface. It is very simple and easy to deal with your campaigns. Even if you do not have any prior experience in handling such campaigns you will not face any complications because our system is designed intuitively to make things simple and easy. Everything is just a few clicks away.

Get Started Simply and Securely

We are a reputed organization and our reputation was not built overnight but by offering our users with consistently dependable services. We will certainly not do anything that will affect such hard-earned reputation of our brand. You can be therefore 100% confident of our services.
Clicxa delivers on its promises every time without fail. We do not make empty promises or misleading promises to our customers. Count on Clicxa Facebook likes services and signup today. Let your Facebook page get hundreds of likes from interested users. Let your popularity in Facebook soar high and get more targeted visitors to your brand.
No more sweat or toil to get your Facebook likes. Exceptional packages are readily available at your disposal. What are you waiting for? Do you not want hundreds of likes for your Facebook page? Affordable plans are available for you to choose. Signup today and start getting likes for your Facebook page within hours after signing up.

Facebook Likes Package

The Campaign will be displayed till it reaches the number of Likes that you have purchased. Same user is not allowed to Like your page more than once.

   Likes Prices Estimated Completion Time
50 Users Like Rs.100/- 1 day
200 Users Like Rs.300/- 1 to 2 days
400 Users Like Rs.500/- 3 to 4 days
1000 Users Like Rs.1000/- 10 to 12 days
4500 Users Like Rs.3000/- 25 to 30 days
8000 Users Like Rs.5000/- 45 to 50 days

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect when I signup for your Facebook likes page?

When you sign up for our Facebook likes package, your Facebook brand page will receive likes from our network members. These likes will boost your popularity in Facebook among the right audience. You can expect your overall visitors to your Facebook page to increase after this and in other words, your overall visibility level will be boosted.

How to buy Facebook likes for my Facebook page?

First setup your own Facebook page. After setting up your page, signup for an account in Clicxa for Free, if you already do not have an account. After signing up you will be able to setup a new Facebook likes campaign. You just need to fill a small form providing us with the basic details so that we will be able to send the right traffic to your Facebook page.

Can I get likes from Facebook users from a specific region?

Yes, it is possible to target your likes. You will be able to get likes from visitors that are from a specific state or city, age or gender. You can choose your preferences while signing up itself and we will promote your Facebook page only among such users who meet your criteria.

Will signing up with your service affect my Facebook account in any way negatively?

No, your Facebook account or your Facebook page will not be affected negatively by signing up for our services. We use legitimate methods to drive traffic to your Facebook page and generate likes. The entire process will be handled manually. Every user that will like your page will have their own active Facebook account. This is not an automated process.

What is the cost of your service?

Our Facebook likes plans are very competitively priced. We have multiple plans to suit the diverse needs and budgets of our customers. Review the package details for the cost and the deliverables.

Will I be charged any other fee besides the fee indicated with your packages?

There will be no additional charges besides the fee indicated. You need not have to worry about any hidden fees. We have completely transparent pricing system. If you have any questions or concerns regarding our pricing structure, feel free to get in touch with us and we will be happy to have all your doubts cleared and concerns addressed before you signup.

How to keep track of the likes that I receive from Clicxa?

You just need to log into your advertiser account and visit the 'manage campaigns' link. You will find readily available statistics on the likes that our system has generated for your Facebook page.

Will you charge me for the clicks or for the actual likes?

We do not charge you for clicks. We charge you for the actual likes. Each visitor that you send to your Facebook page will like your page and each like will reflect in your account. You will be able to crosscheck the likes in your account. This is a performance based package. You will therefore be delivered with exactly the number of likes you purchased. Your package will be active until the number likes you have purchased is delivered. It is one of the best Facebook likes packages on the internet. You can therefore confidently consider our service.