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If you are looking for leads or signups for your website or business, you can choose this, You can target views by city, state, gender age or membership type. After creating your ad campaign, you will get a tracking code, just paste the code on the signup page or signup success page of your website, so that we can track the signups successfully.

We Make People Confident about your Website

Have you launched a brand new membership website and want to increase your signups? Attracting users to signup in a brand new site is highly challenging. Users have their own reservations and suspicions against brand new websites. It has been observed that users readily join sites that already have a large number of active members as opposed to brand new websites with just a handful or no members. The initial phase of that cycle is the toughest one. To make this easy and manageable, Clicxa offers highly dependable solutions through its ‘Get Signups’ service for the membership based websites.

Genuine user Signups or Registrations

Clicxa assures 100% genuine users will signup or Register on your website. We do not send any automated bots to signup in your system. These are real human users who show interest in your brand and what your website membership should offer. You need not have to pay for virtual or fake users any longer. We bring you highly targeted users. As part of our user signup packages you will be able to easily target specific set of people based on the cities in India, states, age group as well as gender. Our system allows you accurate targeting.

Cost-effective solutions

If you want to promote website, increase membership count and attract more users without paying exorbitant fees then we have the best solutions for you. We have already helped numerous websites get signups and grow their membership count. Our service works equally well for all types of all types of websites regardless of the niche industries.
To cater to the diverse needs of the customers we feature number of packages starting from 50 signups to 6000 user signups. You are free to choose a plan that fits your budget.

Easy setup of the campaigns

Setting up your user signup campaigns with Clicxa is very easy. Choose a plan that fits your requirements. Place the order, login to your Advertiser account, set up the campaign by choosing your target audience, copy the tracking code and simply paste it in the signup success page of your website, that is it. You can start attracting targeted users to signup within a day. You just need to pay for the actual signups and not for the clicks or visits unlike the other advertising plans.

Get Started Simply and Securely

Here is your chance to increase website members in the shortest time. Even before the search engines list your website in their search results page, you could start having members in your website. Let Clicxa help you increase the membership count and help you take your website to the next level. We will use legitimate means to increase your membership count.
Invest your marketing and advertising budget prudently by choosing Clicxa. Get the best value for your money. We have a highly transparent and honest system. We are dedicated to providing you with the maximum support possible through our advertising plans. You will readily have access to highly targeted audience from our huge database no matter what niche industry. You can confidently count on our packages and get ready to attract new members to your website.
All the members that signup as users in your website will be lifetime members. You will therefore not have to worry about losing your membership count. Clicxa Get Signups advertising program is the best money could get. There cannot be a faster, easier or more reliable way to increase your membership count.

Sign Up Packages

The Campaign will run till it reaches the no. of signups that you purchase. Same user is not allowed to Register more than once.

   Signups Prices Estimated Completion Time
50 Users Signups Rs.100/- 1 day
180 Users Signups Rs.300/- 2 days
350 Users Signups Rs.500/- 3 to 4 days
900 Users Signups Rs.1000/- 10 to 12 days
6000 Users Signups Rs.5000/- 35 to 40 days

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you send genuine users to signup in my website?

Absolutely, yes! You will get genuine user signups. No bots or automated programs signing up in your website. You will get exactly what you paid for, genuine human users.

How do you control fake signups?

We make use of a tracking system, which you need to paste in your membership success page. Moreover, we have a robust system that identifies each user based on the IP. We allow one user per computer and IP. You are therefore safe. No need to worry about fraudulent signups at any point of time.

How to get the tracking Code and where should i place it?

After creating your campaign, you will get a single line java script tracking code. You can place it on your signup success page i.e. the page that redirects after signup. If your signup form do not have a success page, you can place it on success part of the signup page itself. If you have queries in placing the code, you can contact our help desk, we will instruct you about placing your code.

Do I need any experience to setup the user signup campaigns?

Not at all. You do not need any past experience or technical knowledge whatsoever. You just should be able to fill a simple form to setup the campaigns, which will take less than five minutes to setup.

How to keep track of my campaign?

It is very simple. Just log into your account and click on the Manage campaign button to find and track your campaigns.

Can I run multiple campaigns from a single account?

Yes, you can run multiple campaigns from a single account as long as they are for different URLs.

How soon can I expect the signups to start?

Generally, the signups will start immediately after your campaign is approved. This will however also depend on the nature of your niche. You need not have to worry about long waits however.

What types of websites can sign up for your user signup campaigns?

Our Get Signups service is highly effective for all types of websites and niche industries. It does not matter whether it is a brand new website or an existing website, you will be able to benefit from our service.

What is the minimum and the maximum number of user signups that you have?

Minimum user signup plan is for 50 users and maximum user signup plan gives you 6000 signups.

Is this a guaranteed service?

Yes, our Get Signups packages are guaranteed packages. You will get exactly the number of signups that you paid for. You pay for the actual signups that are effected through our system and not just the clicks or visits to your website.