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Launching an impressive website does not immediately make you successful in your industry. Regardless of the niche industry, all the niches are saturated with a very high level of competition. Amidst this competition, your brand could easily disappear or become virtually non-existent to the customers. The only way you could survive online and make your website useful is when you get visitors to your website. You need not have to spend sleepless nights worrying about the poor online visibility of your website or about the poor traffic that your website gets. You can increase website traffic by choosing our service. Clicxa will help you get website visits from real human visitors and not some virtual hits to your website. We will help you increase the online visibility of your website among the right audience. You can target your visitors effectively based on number of demographic features.

Website Traffic At Affordable Price

Buy website traffic at the most competitive prices but without compromising on the quality of the traffic that you get. As we will help you attract targeted traffic to your website, the conversion rates will increase. We make continued efforts in bringing to your website premium traffic but at the lowest prices.
We give you 100% guarantee on sending genuine human visitors. All our visitors are incentivized to visit your website and our online visitor targeting system is highly effective and it increases the conversion rates. You will therefore enjoy excellent ROI. If you are tired of making efforts to rank websites in Google and waiting for organic traffic from Google, here is a dependable solution for your needs.
When compared to the other paid traffic generation strategies in the market, Clicxa’s website marketing solutions are not only cost effective but it is a highly result oriented service. You can at last stop worrying about driving traffic to your website, start focusing on core business activities and take your business to a completely new level.

Performance Based Advertising Solution

One of the risks that most website owners face when it comes to buying website traffic is that they do not get quality traffic or that they pay for traffic packages that are not performance based. With Clicxa, you need not have to worry about such risks. All our packages and website traffic plans are based on the number of visitors that you get. Yes, you will pay only for the visitors that you get, which means every rupee you spend is for the result that we deliver. Our packages start from 400 visitors and go up to a maximum of 30,000 visitors.
We also have plans that have day limits. These plans start from 1 day and go up to 15 days. Our day plans are also value packed. Get maximum exposure possible and increase your brand visibility among the right audience. You will not have to worry about the quality of the visitors regardless of the cheap online advertising plans that you choose.

Easy To Manage User Interface

Clicxa features easy to use advertiser admin panel. You will be able to manage your campaigns easily by logging into your user account. Basic campaign maintenance tasks such as editing the ad, starting or pausing the ads can be handled at the click of a button from your user interface.
Do not wait any longer. Go ahead, signup for one of the website traffic plans and start receiving traffic to your website. It does not matter whether you have a brand new website or a website with long standing history. Our services will work equally well or all types of websites. You do not have to take our word for it, you can try for yourself.
Waste no time searching for a better service provider or cheaper traffic generation strategy. Here is your chance to improve your brand visibility fast and lead the competition. When you have a proven strategy to attract more visitors and business at reasonable price, not making use of it will be a huge mistake.
You can run multiple advertising plans simultaneously for your website targeting different pages.


If you are keen on attracting targeted Indian traffic look no further, we have proven solutions that will impress you. Signup for website traffic plans and get one-step closer to achieving your business objectives.
Generating targeted traffic for your website cannot get any closer. Our website traffic packages will prove to be an ideal support strategy that you could use along with the other marketing strategies. It does not interfere with your SEO efforts or other marketing efforts in any way.
Each visitor that is sent to your website will be a unique visitor. Revisits are not counted towards your paid website traffic. For example, if you have purchased our plan for 2500 visitors, your limits will close only after 2500 unique visitors have been delivered to your website. We will keep track of the visitors count to your website and our system will continue to promote your website automatically until the visitors limit is achieved.

Get Started Simply and Securely

Decide on the minimum time that you want each user to spend in your website. You can choose minimum visiting duration to be 15 seconds, 30 seconds or 60 seconds while creating your ad campaign. Search engines keep track of the amount of time each user spends in your website.
Google in particular uses this data to decide whether the visitors are happy in your website or not. Google has access to server details of your website and the ranking of your website is affected based on the average time users spend in your website.It is therefore highly recommended that you opt for website traffic plans with higher visitor duration per visit.
Choose your target customers or visitors based on their Age, gender, City or State.

Unique Visit Package

Your Campaign will run till the number of visitors you purchased gets expired. Here you will get only unique visits, same user is not allowed to click the ad more than once throughout the campaign.

   Visitors Prices Estimated Completion Time
400 Visitors Rs.100/- 1 day
1300 Visitors Rs.300/- 1 to 2 days
2500 Visitors Rs.500/- 3 to 4 days
5500 Visitors Rs.1000/- 7 to 8 days
30000 Visitors Rs.5000/- 25 to 30 days
   Visitors Prices Estimated Completion Time
100 Visitors Rs.100/- 1 day
350 Visitors Rs.300/- 1 to 2 days
700 Visitors Rs.500/- 2 to 3 days
1500 Visitors Rs.1000/- 4 to 5 days
10000 Visitors Rs.5000/- 15 to 20 days

Day Package

The campaign will run for the number of days you purchase. Same user is allowed to click the ad once every day. You do not need to pay anything extra for clicks.

   Days Prices No. of visitors
1 Day Rs.500/- No limit
3 Days Rs.1400/- No limit
5 Days Rs.2300/- No limit
7 Days Rs.3100/- No limit
15 Days Rs.6500/- No limit
   Days Prices No. of visitors
1 Day Rs.900/- No limit
3 Days Rs.2500/- No limit
5 Days Rs.4100/- No limit
7 Days Rs.5700/- No limit
15 Days Rs.12000/- No limit

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should i advertise on your website instead of Pay Per Click network?

Pay Per Click Traffic
Expensive: Pay Per Click traffic is expensive, you will have to bid from Rs.3 to Rs.10 per click to increase your ad visibility.
Competition: Only Ads which perform better will have good exposure. Even if you bid high, your competitors ad can push you down.
Ignorance: A recent study say that People tend to ignore sponsored advertisements.
Campaign Manager: You would need a campaign manager to take care of your campaigns and to make changes at regular intervals to survive the competition.
Click Frauds: Your Competitors can click on your ads to create junk traffic and to increase your expenses, which could look like you got more clicks but in turn you won't be able to achieve your goal.

Clicxa Traffic
Cheap Advertising: We have Packages that are cheap and suit any type of business models. You can pay as low as 30 paise per visitor.
No Competition: Unlike PPC advertisement, You will get for what you pay, you will get the traffic that you aim at.
Incentivized: As we incentivize our users for each visit, they won't ignore your ad, they will take time to browse your products and services.
No Campaign Manager needed: Campaigns can be created in 60 seconds, even if you are a starter. After that, you only need to check visitor statistics.
Secure Clicks: We have made all preventive measures to stop click fraud, we monitor each and every click done by our users. So there is no chance of click fraud. Nothing could be done by your competitor to waste your money.

How long does it take to approve my Ad?

It usually happens in a few hours but in some cases it can take up to maximum of 24 hours.

Can i advertise my affiliate or Referral URL?

Yes, you can advertise your affiliate or Referral URLs, this advertising mode will also be helpful in promoting your affiliate earnings.

Will I be getting unique visitors?

Yes, our system will ensure that your ads are not displayed to the same visitor more than once. We allow only one user account per IP and computer. Our system monitors this closely. You need not have to therefore worry about the visitors’ count being beefed up with repeat visitors that are not of much use. As we incentivize the visitors, we too would not want to pay the same user more than once for the same ads. You can therefore be sure of getting unique viewers for your ads.

Do I need a website traffic campaign manager to manage my campaigns with you?

It is not required to have a dedicated manager for managing your campaigns. These are fully automated campaigns. You will just need to spend a few minutes to setup the campaign.

I already have a free account in your website, how do I purchase a website traffic package?

We have many packages for driving traffic to websites. Click on “Create a Campaign” button in this page, enter your Ad details, choose a website visits plan and make the payment to get started. After creating the campaign, you virtually do not have anything to do except to sit back and relax, watching the website traffic rate soar high day by day.

Are your paid traffic generation strategies search engine friendly?

Yes, all our website visits plans are search engine friendly. They do not interfere with your other SEO efforts. All the visitors to your website are sent directly by us. These are visitors that might show interest in your products and services once they visit the website.

What are the main targeting criteria that I can use to draw targeted traffic to my website?

Our online traffic generation platform lets you target your visitors based on number of demographic factors such as city, state, age and gender. You can filter the traffic and thereby enhance the overall effectiveness of the campaigns. When you set targeting filters only visitors that fit that criteria will be sent to your website.

What assurance do I have that the visitors coming to my website are real human visitors?

Yes, this is a legitimate concern and we do not blame you for entertaining such fears. The market situation has trained you into such fears by sending automated bots to websites when website owners purchased traffic. However, at Clicxa we have the most dependable membership network. We send visitors only from our network. Every single visitor that comes to your website is real and genuine. Most importantly these are visitors that fit your target criteria.

Can I use other marketing strategies alongside your plans?

Yes, of course. You can use as many marketing strategies as you like to promote your website online along with our website visitors plans. These packages work independently regardless of the SEO and other marketing efforts that you take for the promotion of your website.

Are your website visitors packages safe for my website?

It is the safest way to attract traffic to your website. The traffic that we send to your website is from a highly controlled network. We send visitors that are incentivized to visit your website and spend a minimum of 30 seconds and a maximum of 90 seconds in your website based on the plan you have chosen.

Can I start or stop the campaign anytime I like?

Yes, you can start or stop the campaign anytime that you like. This is a highly flexible system. We do not demand for long-term contracts. You can manage the campaigns easily from the advertiser panel.