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Do you need genuine views for your YouTube video, Are you contemplating of buying YouTube views for your videos? Not sure whether it is of any real use to buy YouTube views? You need not have to entertain any doubts in this regard. There are countless benefits in buying views for your videos in YouTube. Often people who publish videos in YouTube and the other video sharing networks often get discouraged because they fail to get the response that they expected and the number views that they thought that their videos would attract. There could be many reasons why your videos are not getting any views. Analyzing them and overcoming the issues involved is certainly a challenge and it is a time consuming process. Instead of wasting your time going down such a research path, which guarantees no results you, can increase YouTube views by choosing one of our packages.

Get Instant Visibility Of Your YouTube Videos

Clicxa is one of the most trusted advertising platforms that will send you instant traffic and views to your YouTube videos. You can reach your target audience, make your videos popular and your brand known to people that matter the most. No doubt YouTube marketing is one of the best and the most impressive approaches to fight the online competition but to get started you need the right kind of audience. Our packages will help you get quality Indian YouTube views.

Works For All Types Of Videos

It does not matter whether you want to promote movie trailers, short films or video ads, our packages will help you reach your target audience in the easiest way possible. We have already helped numerous brands already reach their audience and we can help you too. All that you need to do is to sign up for one of the packages that we have for you. Promote video ads of your brands and increase your conversion rates.

Effective Targeting

Our online targeting system lets you choose your audience easily to enhance the overall effectiveness of your video views campaigns. You might choose to promote short film that you have produced among a specific set of audience, may be a specific age group or people from a specific city / state in India, it is possible with just few clicks. Attract exactly the nature of the crowd that you need. Earn money from YouTube by attracting the right set of people. The conversion rates are likely to increase when you target your videos effectively.

Genuine Human Visitors Guaranteed

When you choose to buy YouTube views at Clicxa, we make sure that you get real human views. You will get visitors from our targeted database. The visitors that visit your videos are incentivized. The minimum ad view duration is 15 seconds and it goes up to 60 seconds based on the plan that you have chosen. No matter what plan you choose, we guarantee you excellent value for your money. You need to pay only for the actual clicks or views that you get for your videos. You will be able to track your campaign progress live.

Easy to Manage Campaigns

Anyone can easily create his or her YouTube views campaigns in easy few clicks. You just need to follow through the simple steps in creating your campaigns. Managing your campaigns is also very simple and easy. Start your campaign anytime, edit the audience targeting any time and pause the campaign anytime. You do not need an ad manager or campaign manager. As everything is automated, you hardly spend any time on managing your campaigns.

Importance of Video promotion

Videos that have higher view rate are listed on top in YouTube and YouTube users are also more inclined to watch videos that have higher views. Here is your chance to be listed among the most viewed videos. As we send genuine visits, you will not run into any problems with YouTube. This is a clean and safe method to attract traffic to your website. All these benefits are available to you at a very nominal cost. You will not only attract excellent traffic to your website but you will also save money on your YouTube campaigns.

Get Started Simply and Securely

You need not have to wait for several weeks for your YouTube videos to gain visibility. You need not have to take round about ways to promote your videos in the other social media channels to attract traffic. You can drive traffic to specific videos in your YouTube channel by using our packages directly. Promote your videos in the most hassle free way.
Clicxa gives you complete satisfaction guarantee. You will therefore get the best value for your money. You just need to try our packages for one of your videos and you will certainly be happy with what we give you. Do yourself that favour and signup for our YouTube views service.
YouTube video promotion is now absolutely stress free with Clicxa. Buy cheap traffic to your YouTube videos and make your videos popular among your target audience. Get visitors from any part of India, any state or city you like. Thousands of views in just few days is now a reality, just as you dreamed. When the viewers' count increases, more and more people will start talking about your videos and it will trigger natural interest among your target audience. Our service here will help you get the ball rolling.

Unique Visit Package

Your Campaign will run till the number of visitors gets expired. Here you will get only unique visits, same user is not allowed to click the ad more than once throughout the campaign.

   Visitors Prices Estimated Completion Time
400 Visitors Rs.100/- 1 day
1300 Visitors Rs.300/- 1 to 2 days
2500 Visitors Rs.500/- 2 to 3 days
5500 Visitors Rs.1000/- 10 to 12 days
30000 Visitors Rs.5000/- 25 to 30 days
   Visitors Prices Estimated Completion Time
100 Visitors Rs.100/- 1 day
350 Visitors Rs.300/- 1 day
700 Visitors Rs.500/- 1 to 2 days
1500 Visitors Rs.1000/- 10 to 12 days
10000 Visitors Rs.5000/- 15 to 20 days

Day Package

The campaign will run for the number of days you purchase. Same user is allowed to click the ad, once every day. You do not need to pay anything extra for clicks.

   Days Prices No. of visitors
1 Day Rs.500/- No limit
3 Days Rs.1400/- No limit
5 Days Rs.2300/- No limit
7 Days Rs.3100/- No limit
15 Days Rs.6500/- No limit
   Days Prices No. of visitors
1 Day Rs.900/- No limit
3 Days Rs.2500/- No limit
5 Days Rs.4100/- No limit
7 Days Rs.5700/- No limit
15 Days Rs.12000/- No limit

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of videos could be promoted with your YouTube video plans?

You can promote all types of videos from product promotions, movie trailers, short films, case studies, demo videos and so on. Our packages are suitable for all genres of videos. As long as you need more views, you can go ahead and purchase one of our plans without any hesitation.

How soon will I start getting the views when I purchase your plans?

You should start getting your views in as short as 2 hours from the time you purchase your YouTube views plans.

What will be the nature of the traffic that I get for my videos?

You could easily decide what kind of traffic that you need for your videos. Our campaigns could be highly targeted. You can attract any segment of the visitors you like such as views from a specific city, specific state, gender or age. When you are setting up your campaigns, you will be able to setup the target criteria. You will also be able to change the criteria on the go without any problem.

Do you guarantee views from human visitors?

This is a common fear in the customers because of what the market has been giving them. With Clicxa, you need not have to worry about the such risks. We send you guaranteed human visitors. These are visitors that are paid to view your videos. They will spend anywhere from 15 seconds to 60 seconds watching your videos based on the plan that you choose.

How long does it take for my videos to receive views?

You should be able to get views from our network within 2 hours from the time you setup the campaign. As these are real viewers, you will not get all the views at once but it will increase in a gradual fashion. It is also important not to load your video with thousands of views instantly as it could result in unnecessary suspicions.

Can I pause the campaigns after the launching of the campaigns?

Yes, you can pause the campaigns any time after the launching. It is easy to start or to pause the videos from the advertiser control panel. You will be able to do this by clicking on the Manage Campaigns button.

Are there any hidden charges besides the rates you have indicated for the packages?

No, there are no other hidden charges besides the fee indicated. This is a very transparent service and we are an honest service provider. You will feel completely confident in using our services.

How to reach your customer support to have my concerns addressed?

We provide our customers with excellent support. You just need to log into your account and click on the Support link to create a support ticket. Your queries and concerns will be addressed fast by one of our agents.

Can I run multiple campaigns simultaneously to promote multiple videos?

Yes, you can run as many campaigns as you like to promote as many videos as you need to at the same time. Our system will help you keep track of each campaign separately without any confusions.