Today the success of any business is determined by the strength of their online presence. More than 70% of the customers today use the internet to learn about the products, services and brands that they would like to use or purchase. Any brand, product or service that likes to attract customers should therefore establish their presence online. You cannot attract customers just by the virtue of having a website for your business. You need to engage in very systematic and focused online advertising strategies. Any brand that knows how to advertise online effectively will be able to attract the most customers. In other words, online advertising is the lifeline for a business that likes to survive the competition. Business owners often find it challenging to promote a product or service online, as they are not marketing experts. They are experts in developing interesting products or building excellent services but when it comes to marketing their products they have a tough time. If this sounds like you, then we are here to make your life easy with our advertising solutions. Clicxa focuses on helping business owners that are keen in attracting Indian traffic. We have affordable advertising solutions. If you are looking for highly targeted but cheap traffic then look no further.

How can Clicxa help you promote your brand?

At Clicxa, we offer end to end advertising solutions. Based on the popular advertising requirements faced by businesses today, we have come up resourceful traffic generation services and solutions. You are free to choose one or more of these carefully tested and proven marketing strategies based on your specific needs and your budget.

You are free to choose one or more strategies depending on your needs and the reach you want to achieve.

Get Website Visits
Promote Videos
Facebook Likes
Email Ads
Sell anything
Grid Ads
Banner Ads
Text Ads
Offline business

Buy Website Visits

Driving targeted visitors to the website is one of the biggest challenges faced by the business owners. Waiting for the search engines to pick up your website and list your website in the top ten or twenty positions will take several months and an investment of several thousands, despite which you could not possibly guarantee anything with organic traffic generation efforts. Our ‘Buy Website Visits’ packages remove the uncertainty out of the game. You can now get guaranteed number of visitors to your website.

  •    Get Unique and genuine Indian traffic at reasonable price.
  •    Reeceive traffic that is interested in your products and services.
  •     Target your visitors by city, state, age, gender, etc. .
  •    Have complete control over your budget and advertising campaigns.

Buy Facebook Likes for your page

Your presence in Facebook has a very definitive say on your brand’s success. Buy Facebook likes and make your brand or page popular in Facebook. Our Facebook likes packages will give your Facebook page or Facebook group a decisive driving force that will pick up momentum. We will deliver you with 100% genuine likes from real human users. Our proven social media marketing strategies will help your brand and your website get the visibility that it deserves.

  •    Get real fans who have a complete profile and active on facebook.
  •    Target your Facebook likes by city, state, gender and age.
  •    Most cost effective Facebook likes packages that will take your website or your brand close to your target audience.
  •    Whether you are looking for just 50 likes or 50,000 likes, we can deliver you with targeted Facebook likes.

Buy YouTube Views

If you have been wondering how to reach more people to reach your target audience, through your YouTube videos then leave it to us. We will take your videos to audience that matter the most to you. We have number of impressive YouTube views packages to suit our customers’ diverse requirements. We let you target your audience. This will ensure that your videos get views from audience that are highly targeted. This in turn will increase your conversion rates. You can choose the minimum ad view time and it can be between 30 seconds to 90 seconds. Our YouTube marketing packages will help you get the visibility that you are looking for your videos in the shortest time.

  •    Promote your video ads or business videos.
  •    Increase views and make people confident about your videos.
  •    Improve YouTube rankings and Earn more from YouTube
  •    No automated bot views, genuine human views are guaranteed.

Get Signups

Looking to increase your membership count? We can get free member signups for any website of your choice. Setting up and tracking our service is very easy. You will be able to setup your package in just minutes by copying and pasting a short snippet of code in your website. Our packages are priced very nominally. We will send you genuine users and no automated signups. We have packages ranging from 50 user signups to 6000 signups. Choose a package that best fits your requirements and your budget. Our user signup packages is certainly the fastest and the cheapest way to get genuine user signups. You will be paying here only for the actual signups that are tracked through our system and not just the visits.

  •    Guaranteed User Signups.
  •    Add Genuine users to your website.
  •    Better ROI.
  •    Quick promotion for website starters.

Featured Banner Ads

Show your advertising banners across all our pages. Your banners will be placed in our high traffic pages and gain excellent visibility. Unlike other advertising methods, the banner ads will be featured in our website for the entire ad duration as per the plan you have chosen, no ad rotations, no additional fee for clicks or views. This is one of the most powerful way to reach your target audience and to elicit positive response. We have flexible plans and you can display your ads for as long as you like and pause them any moment. You just need to pay based on the number of days the ad needs to be displayed. You will also be able to extend your campaign duration anytime.

  •    Get unlimited views for your banner ads
  •    No need to pay anything for clicks.
  •    Only get visitors who are interested in your website.
  •    No click limit, Improve your website traffic massively.

Sell anything / Web Page Ads

Despite the increasing popularity of business websites there are good number of people who want to sell their old or new items daily and there are offline businesses that do not have a website of their own. In our web page ad service, you can sell your old & new items or advertise your offline business, We will send you genuine traffic that is interested in your offerings. Our easy to setup web page ads service will give your brand instant online presence. While creating a campaign, you will get an exclusive HTML editor for your brand where you could add images, text, coupons and much more. Our system lets you choose your own targeting criteria such as the city, state, gender and age of the visitors to your web page ads. The traffic we send will spend a minimum of 30 seconds and you can choose the ad view duration to a maximum of 90 seconds.

  •    Promote your offline business.
  •    Sell anything like cars, bikes, furnitures...etc
  •    Advertise a local event.
  •    Explode offers for your offline shop.

Buy Grid Ads

Grid ads is one of the most popular advertising strategies at Clicxa. This creates a win-win situation for the advertiser and the user. This is presented as a game, which lets the members in our website earn money each time they click on the grid and view the ad. Our users will be visiting your website for minimum of 20 seconds for each and every click they place for the game. This is one of the most cost effective way of promoting your website. You can reach the highest number of visitors in the shortest time possible. These packages can be setup easily in just few clicks. You will be charged only for the days on which you display the ads in the grid.

  •    Show your website for unlimited grid views.
  •    Daily Plans, No click limit.
  •    Cheapest and most effective advertising solution.
  •    Start as low as Rs.100 per day with unlimited visits to your website.

Email Ads

Email marketing continues to be one of the most effective marketing strategies despite the arrival many new latest marketing strategies. One of the greatest advantages of email ads is that you can reach directly to the inbox of your targeted audience. Your customers can go back to the marketing message anytime they like. You can send promotional coupons through the email ads, send out new offers and deals, information about the launching of the new services and so on. By far, email marketing will not only help you connect with your audience but it will establish a long lasting connect between the brand and the target audience. You can send visually rich email content with images and links. You can create the emailer easily with the help of the content editor in our website. We will send your emails only to real users who have opted to receive email communications.

  •    Promote coupons, offers and deals for your online / offline business.
  •    Each mail verified by us to ensure your success.
  •    Target your campaign by city, state, gender and age.
  •    No click limit.
  •    Emails sent only for subscribed users.

Buy YouTube Subscribers

Get more subscribers and promote your YouTube channel. More subscribers will gain more views for your YouTube videos. All 100% real users who have an active YouTube account. Each and every time you upload a video, all your subscribers will be notified which can result more views for your videos. when people see more subscribers for your channels, they feel that your channel is credible and trusted.

  •    Grow your Channel on YouTube.
  •    More subscribers will attract lot of eyes towards your channel.
  •    More views for your YouTube videos.
  •    Target your subscribers by city, state, gender or age.


With growth of mobiles and mobile networks in India, SMS becomes one of the top advertising modes available. Whether you have an Online business or Offline business, choosing the right mode of promotion is very much important. Reach your customers 24X7. You can send promotional coupons, send out new offers and deals, information about the launching of your new businesses or services and so on. You will be able to clearly track the response rate of the target audience. You will know the number of SMS that have been delivered. Unlike other promotional SMS campaigns, our campaigns are high priority messages, which will only reach our Opt In users, all messages will be delivered with our sender ID, so you ca expect much higher ROI.

  •    Quickest and Instant advertising mode to reach customers.
  •    Promote business launch, offers and deals.
  •    100% successful delivery.
  •    advertise online / offline business.