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Design your Email contents, add images, hyperlinks, change color fonts..etc with our content editor. No user limits, better conversion rates. Promote your website or sell your product. All genuine, real and subscribed users. Target your visitors by city, state, gender or age.

Hassle Free Email Campaign Setup

You can design your marketing mails in minutes by adding images and customizing the fonts in few simple clicks using the online editor. Not only that, unlike the other email marketing companies that ask you to supply your own database of customer emails we will deliver your emails to our own users. These are genuine subscribed users who have agreed to receive such email communications. You will therefore not only be able to take your brand to a whole new segment of customers but you will also be running a safe email campaign without having to worry about getting your brand blacklisted for spamming.

Cost-Effective Email Ads Campaigns

You do not have to pay exorbitant prices for your email ads any longer because Clicxa offers you with highly cost effective solutions. More to that, you will be able to target your campaigns accurately to achieve higher conversion rates. You will be able to target your emails based on the various factors including city, state, age and gender. We have packages ranging from 500 users to 50,000 users, you can choose the best package that suit your budget. All the email marketing plans are priced very nominally to make them accessible even to small and medium companies.

Uniqueness of Clicxa Email Campaigns

Clicxa is certainly the most flexible email marketing service. You can schedule your Email campaign for any particular day you wish. Internet users these days check their email accounts regularly. We send your emails only to active users, who login to their account and use our services regularly. As we do not send emails for inactive users, you can get the most value for your money.

Dependable Customer Service

Clicxa takes pride in being the most preferred advertising companies on the web helping numerous brands reach their target audience effectively at reasonable prices. We give top priority to customer satisfaction. You could reach us easily by creating a support ticket and we will respond to your queries and concerns swiftly. Choose Clicxa to take your brand to thousands of targeted Indian users in a short time.

Get Started Simply and Securely

Email marketing has been around for more than three decades and is still considered one of the most powerful ways to reach the target customers. Whether it is launching of new products or announcing of special offers and deals, email campaigns will take your message directly into the inbox of your target audience.
If you are keen on starting an email campaign and not sure, how to go about it do not worry, you are in the right place. Clicxa offers you a perfect platform for successfully launching email campaigns.
Choose email advertisements if you want to reach the largest number of audience in the shortest time. One of the advantages of email advertisements is that the message you send across will remain in the inboxes of the target customers for them to get back to whenever they want as opposed to the other advertising strategies which use more of ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach.

Email Marketing Packages

   Mail Prices No. of visitors
20 Users Rs.0/- FREE TRIAL PACK
500 Users Rs.500/- Max. 500 Visitors
1000 Users Rs.800/- Max. 1000 Visitors
5000 Users Rs.2500/- Max. 5000 Visitors
10000 Users Rs.4000/- Max. 10,000 Visitors
50000 Users Rs.10000/- Max. 50,000 Visitors

Frequently Asked Questions

How does your email marketing plans work?

We bring you very simple and easy to use email marketing solution so that even someone that does not have any prior knowledge or technical knowhow could use our service. You will be able to setup your email campaigns in just minutes and start reaching hundreds of customers within a short time. You just need to have the content ready for.

Can I target my email campaigns to specific audience?

Yes, our email advertising system has been designed to help our customers target specific audience. You can target your audience based on Indian cities, states, age group of your audience and their gender.

Do I need to provide you with my own lists for sending out the mail?

Clicxa is a totally different email advertising platform. You need not have to bring your own list. Your Emails will be sent to our own users, which will expand your reach. At Clicxa, you will not only get a platform to setup and send out the mails, you will also get customers to send your mails. This is a comprehensive email marketing solution.

Do I need a designer to create my emails?

Not required. You will be able to design your emails easily using our online editor. We have a very user friendly system that allows you to design your campaign emails in just few simple clicks. There are no additional charges to use our email creator.

Will my marketing mails be sent to real users?

Our database comprises of members who have signed up to receive emails. We give complete guarantee on the real users. Adding to that we only send your emails to active users, who are currently active on our site. In other words, your investment will not be wasted but through your email campaigns, you will be able to reach maximum number of people possible.