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Instant advertising mode to reach customers

SMS Advertising is one of the fastest advertising mode to reach customers. Promote your business, website, shop, online or offline business.
We give you 100% guarantee on sending genuine human visitors. All our visitors are incentivised to visit your website and our online visitor targeting system is highly effective and it increases the conversion rates. You will therefore enjoy excellent ROI. If you are tired of making efforts to rank websites in Google and waiting for organic traffic from Google, here is a dependable solution for your needs.

Promote business launch, offers and deals

If you are looking start a new business, or about to launch a new offers and deals for your business, this is the best way to go.
We also have plans that can suit all your needs. Get maximum exposure possible and increase your brand visibility among the right audience. You will not have to worry about the quality of the visitors regardless of the cheap online advertising plans that you choose.

100% successful delivery

All your SMS advertisements will only be delivered to our active users. We verify every user's mobile number before they join us. They are all subscribed users. So you can get the best out of our service.
We are also partnered with top mobile operators, your messages will be delivered 100% successfully to all our users. Waste no time searching for a better service provider or cheaper traffic generation strategy.

Promote Mobile Apps

Best way to promote your Mobile App. Increase your App popularity. Attach your app download link with the Ad and increase your App downloads. Reach your mobile Apps to thousands of users in short span of time.
Get more fans for your Mobile App and Improve your App Earnings.

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SMS sent only to our subscribed users who are interested in your products and services
Great Value for your Money.
Promote your Online / offline business, Mobile Apps or any Mobile based products.

Unique Visit Package

The Campaign will be displayed till the number of visits you purchased gets expired. The same user is not allowed to click the ad again throughout the campaign.

   Likes Prices Estimated Completion Time
100 SMS Rs.100/- 1 day
500 SMS Rs.450/- 1 day
1000 SMS Rs.800/- 1 day
5000 SMS Rs.2500/- 1 day

Frequently Asked Questions

For what Kind of business will this advertising mode works?

No more matter, whether your are doing Online business or Offline business such as retail shops, showrooms, garments, jewellery shop, electronic shop...etc, it will work for you. It will also work for Election Campaigns and to explode new offers and deals.

How many characters do you allow per SMS Ad?

We allow up to 150 characters per SMS, so you will be able to use maximum of 150 characters per SMS Ad. If you have a website you can also add your website URLs or Short links along with the SMS Text.

How can i promote my mobile app through this?

You can also add your App download link with your SMS Text. Users will click on the link and download you App. You will start to get response gradually.

How would you assure that this advertising mode works?

Even though we send SMS only to our subscribed users, we do not deliver your SMS to inactive users. We will be sending your Ads, only to active users, who regularly visit us and interested in advertisements. So, this is a great value for your money.

When can i schedule my SMS Campaign?

You will be able to schedule your campaign from 8 AM to 8 PM IST (Indian Standard Time) on any day.

Will this Advertising Mode work for Regional business?

Our traffic generation platform lets you target your visitors based on number of demographic factors such as city, state, age and gender. You can filter the visitors that you need. For example, If you need only Delhi customers, you can choose Delhi under Geo Targeting at the time of campaign creation.

How long does it takes to approve my AD?

It usually takes 1 to 2 hours to approve your Ad, in rare cases it can take up to 24 hours for approval.