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Don't have Website to promote your product? Not to worry

If you want to advertise your offline business or a promotional coupon or promote a movie poster or any message Online, you can do so on our website. We provide you a HTML page, you can insert images, add text, change font…etc. You can target visitors by city, state, gender age or membership type. Your Target visitors will visit your ad for 15 to 60 seconds as per the ad view time chosen by you.

Start Selling your Old or New items

Sell your old or new items through our website. We have traffic, You have products. You can target your buyers by city, state, gender or Age. You can include all the essential information regarding your products, services or brand. You can also include your contact details. At the time of campaign creation, we provide you an online editor that will help you design your advertisement by inserting images of your choice, changing font colour and font size etc. Our user friendly online editor will help you design a highly professional looking advertisement.

Advertise a Local Event

Promoting a Local Event now made easy. You can advertise any local event that is happening in your city. This advertisement suits any type of Events such as Cricket matches or Sports events, Cultural Events, Music Shows, Comedy Shows, Magic Shows, Movie shows..etc. You can send Free tickets to invite people. You can also display offers or discounts in the ad to attract more people. You can also add links to buy tickets. Target only the city that you need.

Offline Business Promotion

Not all businesses have their own a website. This does not mean that they cannot take part in online promotional campaigns. Our web page ads will be beneficial for offline businesses. Brands that have their own websites and that don’t have their own websites can now benefit equally. Display colorful images of your shop or business through our online editor for more attraction. Add your customer care or contact details to get more response.

Targeted Visitors To your Business or Events

Another great advantage with our web page ads is that you will be able to now easily attract targeted visitors to your brand. When you are setting up your own campaigns for this page, you will be able to get the attention of the visitors that matter the most to your website. You can use geo targeting and attract people from specific cities or states in India. Other demographic targeting options that you have include, age targeting and gender targeting. It can therefore, help you improve your conversion rates.

Get Started Simply and Securely

Use our services, start selling your products online without having to spend thousands in creating your website. The best part is that you could setup in just few hours. Our ground-breaking advertising packages will help you take your brand to a completely new level.
We have helped numerous brands get excellent visibility and improve their sales. You will be able to launch your own campaigns without any need for professional skills. Let us help you improve your brand reach and increase your revenue.
You can use our web page ads services as a standalone strategy for your brand or as a support strategy along with the other strategies that you are already employing for your website.

Unique Visit Package

Your Campaign will run till the number of visitors you purchased gets expired. Here you will get only unique visits, same user is not allowed to click the ad more than once throughout the campaign.

   Visitors Prices Estimated Completion Time
400 Visitors Rs.100/- 1 day
1300 Visitors Rs.300/- 2 to 3 days
2500 Visitors Rs.500/- 5 to 7 days
5500 Visitors Rs.1000/- 10 to 12 days
30000 Visitors Rs.5000/- 35 to 40 days
   Visitors Prices Estimated Completion Time
100 Visitors Rs.100/- 1 day
350 Visitors Rs.300/- 1 day
700 Visitors Rs.500/- 2 to 3 days
1500 Visitors Rs.1000/- 7 to 10 days
10000 Visitors Rs.5000/- 15 to 20 days

Day Package

he campaign will run for the number of days you purchase. Same user is allowed to click the ad once every day. You do not need to pay anything extra for clicks.

   Days Prices No. of visitors
1 Day Rs.500/- No limit
3 Days Rs.1400/- No limit
5 Days Rs.2300/- No limit
7 Days Rs.3100/- No limit
15 Days Rs.6500/- No limit
   Days Prices No. of visitors
1 Day Rs.900/- No limit
3 Days Rs.2500/- No limit
5 Days Rs.4100/- No limit
7 Days Rs.5700/- No limit
15 Days Rs.12000/- No limit

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly do I get when I use your web page ads service?

Our web page ads service is mainly for brands that already do not have an online presence or website of their own. You can also sell your products or advertise a local event or promote election campaigns through this advertising mode.

How much does the traffic to my web page ads cost?

We have various packages to suit diverse business needs. Each customer has their budget for advertising their brands online. Along these lines, we have created various plans to meet everyone’s wallet. You will therefore find a package that fits your needs and your budget. The cost of the package will depend very much on the number of visitors and the amount of time you want each visitor to spend on your website. However, be assured that we are one of the most competitively priced service providers on the web.

Is your web page ads search engine friendly?

Yes, our web page ads are search engine friendly. However, we will send traffic to your page from our own internal network. You need not have to worry about search engine ranking or further promotional efforts to get visitors to your page. Our packages offer end to end advertising solutions that your brand needs.

Will you design the web page ad for me or do I need to hire a designer to do that?

We do not design the web page Ad for you. However, at the same time, you need not have to bother yourself hiring a designer. We provide you with a user friendly online editor using which you will be able to design your own pages in just minutes. Our online editor will help you create professional looking pages even if you do not have any prior experience in web page designing.

Do you guarantee 100% genuine visitors to my advertisement?

Yes, you can be sure of getting 100% genuine visitors to your page. Every single visit will be initiated by a human visitor. No fake traffic or automated bots. You can count on us.

How long will these visitors spend on my advertisement?

We have multiple packages based on the ad view time. These packages cover a minimum 30 and 60 seconds. However, the visitors are not limited just to this ad view time. If you have captivating information in your web page, they will spend much longer than that. Make sure that you create an impressive advertisement and have something really interesting for your visitors.

If I purchase 400 visitors package, would all these 400 visits be from unique visitors?

Most certainly! Every single visit will be from a unique visitor. Each visitor that we send is incentivized by Clicxa to keep track of these visitors and their incentives we allow only single paid visit per visitor and only one count will be added per unique visitor. Therefore, even if the same visitor should visit your page on their own accord because they are interested in what they saw in your website, it will not be accounted for towards the package after their first visit.

How to get in touch with your customer support team?

You just need to click on the support link after logging into your advertiser account and you will be guided to a page where you could post your ticket to get a support agent address your concerns.