Details of the Closed Game
Win Rs.10
Contest Closed
Winner :vand9438

Bid Status

product info

Bid the Lowest and Unique Number to win the Game. Try and reach the lowest unique spot. User who holds the top spot or lowest unique spot at the End of the game will be the winner. Winning amount will be credited to user's Earning balance in a few minutes once the game ends.


You can see the ranks of Top bids and their status Live. Latest Top bids will be Updated Live automatically, you do not even need to refresh the page.
Bids placed by other users won't be visible for you, it will be hidden by denoting XXX. Only Bids placed by you will be visible for you.


It does not matter whether you win or lose the game, you will receive participation bonus.
Once you place the first bid, Participation bonus will be credited to your Earning Balance. Participation Bonus is available only for Silver and Gamer Premium Users.


For every 3 bids that you place, an Advertisement will be displayed in a Pop Up. Kindly wait for the Ad view to complete. Without watching the ad, you won't be able place the next bid.


Lowest unique spot holder at the End of the Game will be the Winner. Winner will get an Email from us. You can also go to "Closed Games" page to see the winner of a game. You would also be to see Bids placed by all the users in Closed Games page.