If you have been looking for legitimate online jobs, here is your chance to achieve your goals. Clicxa is the most trusted platform where you could earn money using our various money making strategies. We have a very powerful system that serves as a perfect platform where advertisers in need of targeted traffic and those who want to make money meet. If you are looking for reliable source of income on internet for a long time, your search ends here. You can now generate sustainable income without have to take up a day-job. Be your own boss, work at your own flexible timings. There is no cap to how much money you could make using our exceptional money making platform.

Anyone Can Participate

The best part of Clicxa’s moneymaking platform is that anyone could join the Clicxa as member and start making money. Regardless of whether you are a stay at home mom, working person looking for part time income, looking for a full time income, someone looking for additional sustainable income to pay their bills or fees, here is a solution that is right before you. Go ahead, signup for your account and get started immediately.

Guaranteed Pay-out

All the money you earn will be paid out regularly. We have a highly transparent system whereby you will be able to check your earnings at any point of time. Withdraw your payment by Bank transfer, Money Order or cheque as soon as your account reaches Rs.2000/-. We keep the withdrawal process simple and easy so that you could with draw the money you earn here at Clicxa in just few clicks.

Multiple Money Making Options

At Clicxa, we offer you multiple money making opportunities you can earn watching ads an easy and effortless way to make money. Earn Money watching YouTube videos and to Like Facebook fan pages. You will also get a chance to sign up Free for new services and get paid handsomely. Earn receiving Email and SMS Ads. We also have ad posting jobs. Each ad you post will fetch you money. Each time you refer a user we pay you and you will also be paid When the user upgrades his or her membership.

Total Freedom And Completely Flexible

You will not only be required to work just for few hours daily but you could also choose when you want to work and how many hours that you would like to work each day. Enjoy complete freedom and flexibility by choosing Clicxa. For those who are tired of working under a boss without any recognition or acknowledgment of their hard work, the opportunities that are available here will certainly be highly rewarding and self-fulfilling. Do not miss your opportunity to make money enjoying absolute freedom.

Safest Way To Make Money

As a reputed platform, we take extra care to screen all the advertisers and feature only the safest schemes here. You are 100% safe. Moreover, you are also not subjected to any huge money risks here. We have taken the latest security measures to ensure that you earn money on the safest platform. All member data is stored under highly secured environment. You will therefore have nothing to worry but enjoy complete peace of mind when you choose our platform to make money.

Make Money On The Go

With Clicxa, you can make money on the go. Our money making platform works seamlessly in all devices and gadgets. You could make money on the go. All that you need is a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or a smartphone, which is internet, enabled. It does not matter even if you are traveling, you need not have to stop making money. You could access your account from any part of the world. There is nothing that could stop you from making money.

Work For Just Few Hours Daily

When you choose to earn from home you do not expect to work full-time. Don't worry, you will be required to work just a couple of hours every day. There is no need to slog from morning till evening like you would do when you have a full-time job where you will have to sweat it out from morning till evening. Login to your account daily at your own free time, select the tasks that you are interested with, complete them and get paid.

Making Money Is Fun

Earning from home need not be a tiring job. Clicxa makes the process simple, easy and fun. You will enjoy interesting videos and make money, watch ads of new products and earn as you learn about the new products. We have setup a perfect platform that will give you complete control on your life and how you want to make money. Clicxa is a safe, transparent and trustworthy way to earn money from home.

No Huge Investments

If you have been looking for a good business opportunity or want to earn money online with home based jobs, Clicxa is the platform that you need. As opposed to other online money making jobs or other business opportunities, you need not have to be concerned about making any huge investments. There are no setting up costs or waiting time. You will be able to join and make money immediately for Free.

The Number one Advertising and Online Earning source for Indians

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Advertise with us

Are you having trouble reaching your target audience and drive sustainable traffic to your website? Are you tired of trying various advertising strategies for promoting your brand online? We might have the solutions that you are looking for. Let Clicxa help you with your marketing needs. We have perfect strategies that will give your brand the visibility that it deserves. Advertise online, attract genuine and prospective visitors to your website and take your business to the next level. Do you know that your website is a goldmine if you know how to tap its fullest potential? You do not have to trail behind in the competition any longer, here is your chance to lead the competition. Clicxa will help you achieve your business objectives by providing you with the visibility that it deserves.

You are free to choose one or more strategies depending on your needs and the reach you want to achieve.

Promote Videos
Facebook Likes
Email Ads
Sell anything
Grid Ads
Banner Ads
YouTube Subscribers
Text Ads
Offline business
Fight the Clicxa Way

At Clicxa, we value your investment and we put in our best efforts to bring excellent traffic to your website. You will not have to worry about fake traffic. We will send your website or websites genuine traffic, visitors that show interest in your products and services. Clicxa makes use of advanced advertising and legitimate traffic generation strategies, which are tested and proven. Your website will start getting the attention that it deserves amidst the right audience right from day one and no time is wasted.

Have Total Control Over Your Ad Budget

You can decide how much you want to invest on your advertising campaigns. You will be in total control of your advertising budget. Clicxa offers you a flexible platform when it comes to ad budget. Depending on the on going advertising needs you could ramp up or throttle down your ad campaigns. We have plans starting from as low as Rs.100/-, so you could test our service before you go big. You can manage multiple Ad campaigns and add additional funds anytime you wish.

Maximum Mileage For Your Money

Clicxa assures its customers excellent value for their money. You do not have to waste your advertising budget on strategies that do not yield the expected results. Choose Clicxa advertiser and make your brand known to the world. Surviving in this competitive environment is becoming increasingly difficult. Without effective and focused efforts, it is not possible to cut through the competition. Spend your advertising budget prudently, for maximum mileage for your money choose Clicxa and you will certainly not regret.

Comprehensive Advertising Solution

Our aim here at Clicxa is to provide our customers with the most comprehensive range of advertising solutions. You will have all your marketing needs met with our single platform. You are free to choose one or more strategies depending on your needs and the reach you want to achieve. Website Marketing, brand marketing, YouTube or Facebook Marketing, Offline Business promotion, Movie promotion or Sell anything - Your One stop solutions for all your marketing needs.

Don't Have A Website? Not To Worry!

You can advertise even your offline business at Clicxa. It is not necessary that you should have a website to advertise here. You can get traffic to your retail unit or your offline business by advertising your brand here at Clicxa. Give your brand online presence even if you do not have a website. By advertising your brand here, you will get your own page at Clicxa where you could not only advertise your offline business effectively but you could even add your promotional coupons. We will help you target the visitors to your Clicxa advertising page effectively by number of parameters.

Target Audience by City, State, Gender or Age

With our robust advertising system, you can now can gain easy access to the most potential target audience. Show your ads only for people who matters, No need to waste your time and money by showing your advertisements to irrelevant users, Filter your target audience by City, State, gender or Age. No more sweat and toil in marketing your brand. Our system while helping you reach your target audience fast, frees up a lot of time for you and your marketing team so that you could focus better on the other crucial aspects of running your business.

Easily Manage Your Own Campaigns

When you choose Clicxa, you will not need an ad manager. You will be able to manage your own ad campaigns through the intuitive advertiser section that we have for you. You can run or pause your ads anytime. Create, edit and update your ads at your wish. You don't have to be a techie to handle these ad management tasks. At Clicxa, we have created a user-friendly interface where everything happens at the click of a button. Even as a first time advertiser, you will be able to create a campaign in 60 seconds.

Quick start and Fast Approval

With our user friendly website, You can start your advertising campaign in a matter of few minutes, Fund your campaigns instantly without wasting anytime through Online Payment gateway. Get your campaigns approved and go Live in less than 1 hour. What are you waiting for? Go ahead, signup for your account, choose an advertising strategy that best fits your needs and get started right away. Clicxa makes life easy for business owners and marketing teams with its unique traffic generation strategies.

Excellent Support

Clicxa offers its advertisers impressive customer support. You will therefore not feel stranded at any point of time. We have our support team readily available to assist you in every way in case you should run into issues in setting up your advertising campaigns or in managing the campaigns or Fund related queries. You could count on our customer support and us. You could open a support ticket anytime or contact our support team through Live Chat.

The Number one Advertising and Online Earning source for Indians

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